Khawaja Carpets was incorporated over 100 years ago by our forefathers. The business has operated within four generations of the Khawaja family, whereby our skills, knowledge and expertise has carefully been preserved and passed on from one generation to the next.

The Khawaja’s, originally from Persia (today’s Iran) a country unanimously considered as the pioneers of exceptional rug making, with their intricate designs, vibrant colours and soft touch, continue to produce rugs that would make their forefathers proud.

The fourth generation of Khawaja Carpets is managed by the Khawaja brothers, who have continued with their family tradition, bringing a modern twist to styles and designs. They have scoured many a country for inspiration to bring you versatile styles and designs that can be incorporated into your home or office. Each piece is masterfully designed by our artists, and skilfully handwoven by our weavers, many of whom have been in this trade with us for generations.

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Mohammad Ejaz Khawaja (Late)