Best Bukhara-kavkaz 4′ x 6′ hand-knotted Silk Wool Rug

This Rug is one of the best qualities and values you can find. It is a gorgeous piece of handmade art you can see and experience.


According to legend, Bukhara was first known as Tekke Bokhara because the rugs gained such widespread acclaim throughout the empires. Bukhara-kavkaz finally became the name of the rug. Bukhara-kavkaz carpets are also mistakenly categorized as Persian rugs because they have certain similarities. Bukhara hand-knotted carpets have a warm, inviting feel to them. A Bukhara-kavkaz hand-knotted rug can be identified by its repetitive oval or diamond designs. Bokhara hand-knotted rugs frequently have a strong red color throughout with elements of green, pink, ivory, and grey. Would you rather have softer-colored rugs? There are numerous alternatives for both traditional and modern environments with the hugely popular Chobi carpets. Bukhara-kavkaz 4′ x 6′ hand-knotted Silk Wool Rug in that size available at Khawaja Carpets.

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