Unique Red Bukhara Butterfly 4′ x 6′ Hand-Knotted Rug

The stylish and versatile Khawaja handmade rug is made in a traditional style utilizing recycled cotton remnants and off-cuts.


Red Bukhara-Butterfly Hand-knotted Carpet is the favored option for floor coverings since they have excellent characteristics. Bukhara-Butterfly Hand-knotted Carpet is not only incredibly tough and sturdy but also incredibly low maintenance and care. Their vibrant hues quickly make a space seem cozy. Bukhara-Butterfly Rug gives rather than resists friction, therefore Bukhara-Butterfly Rug can withstand the ravages of daily life. Bukhara-Butterfly Rug benefits from this quality, which keeps them looking lovely year after year. No other fiber can match the variety of hues and degree of the vibrancy of wool carpets. Reactive proteins found in the fiber’s center can absorb and mix with a wide range of colors.

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